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Player Profiling

Our profiling models offer actionable player insight for data-driven game design.

Market insight, data-driven competitor analysis, and knowledge of emerging trends – both with our existing data and with data tailored to your needs.

Check out our global Gameplay Personas.

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Recommendation engine

Our AI engine produces both content-based and collaborative recommendations – licensable for a variety of needs.

Combined with our unique data, the engine produces instant tag-based and collaborative game recommendations: check out our demo.

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Unique Data

Our data offers access to unique market data for game devs and marketers, and affordable plans to gain actionable player insight for data-supported game design.

Our accumulating database covers more than 30,000 player survey respondents from all over the world with their preferences and favorite games, and about 100,000 games with over 5,000,000  data points.


Our mission is to provide unique player insight for all game developers at affordable price and to help them design great games with excellent market fit

Our vision is to revolutionize the booming player insight business and become the best source for player-centric data in the world