Player Personas

Understand your player audiences

We are able to constructs unique player personas by analyzing e.g., genre-specific or technology-bound player segments (e.g., esports players, f2p mobile players) or by investigating latent traits of your customer base, whether it is a cloud gaming site, a game streaming service or a game marketplace.

Enhance engagement by social networking

Kinrate player personas can be utilized in developing social network services. Millions of players seek constantly game-pals to play multiplayer games with. By utilizing Kinrate Player Persona approach, you can help players to find their kind of players which enhances retention on your platform, and brings your customer experience to the next level.

Instant personalized recommendations

We can profile your customers by asking them to tell us a couple of their favorite games, by analyzing their online behavior data, or by combining these two approaches. As a result, your users can be given their player type and instant personalized game recommendations. Our existing player type test can be browsed here.

“My player type was 99% Settler, and I totally agree! I had not even heard about some of the recommended games. I wrote a few up, and I will definitely check those later”

“Pretty good match with my profile, I was a 92 % Knight. Game recommendations were also top-notch”