Market Insight and Data

By accessing our game data and player data, you can familiarize yourself with demographics, gameplay preferences, player types, and favorite digital games of your core audiences (see more). You can also test how the characteristics of your developed game matches with gaming preferences of different kind of players worldwide.

Data-driven competition analyses

You can generate a tailored competition analysis report by accessing our data. A competition analysis report helps you to communicate to e.g. investors why they should consider funding your game. It also helps you to design a marketing strategy to reach your core customers.

Knowledge on emerging trends

By studying our database of 140,000 games and 48M players you can gain knowledge on how players’ gaming preferences change through time. This helps you to make data-driven decisions on what games should be developed and published.

We have combined our player and game data with our extensive player market research data. This makes it possible to predict motivations to play, purchase reasons, game aesthetics preferences, genre preferences etc. of your identified core player-customers. Advanced ML modelling and representative data from USA, UK, Japan, Canada, Korea, Denmark, and Finland