Player Insight

Our model creates player personas and market predictions based on our original, research-validated metrics and game characteristics. The procedure is based on our Player Persona Test with 30,000 players, validated in USA, Canada, UK, Japan, South Korea, Finland, and Denmark by top-tier academic publications.

According to our research, players differ in how much they enjoy the features of the game, categorized as aggression, exploration, coordination, management, and caretaking. You can either take advantage of our ready-made Global Gameplay Profiles or get customized profiles produced specifically to fit the characteristics of your player audience.

With option “create a survey” you can create a question set suited for your game and player audience, allowing you to collect data using your preferred method and upload it to us to get global personalities or for more detailed analysis. With option “order a service” we can implement a full pipeline from data collection to analysis tailored to your specific needs.



If you have questions about the scale or procedure, please contact us via our contact form. We look forward to providing answers to your questions!