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Our technology enables a customizable solution for your surveys, performance-based testing, and innovative dissemination of your data and results through our data-driven online services.

Together with traditional research routines and question types, our service enables versatile further processing and visualization of accumulated data, as well as data-based online services. We implement customer-specific development needs with an agile attitude and strong multidisciplinary research expertise.

The survey and testing service is provided on a SAAS (software as-a-service) basis in accordance with the EU data protection regulation and data security requirements. The desired customer-specific and customer-themed solution is enabled through an individual development phase. As our customer, you invariably own the content and information of your service. You can also use your own reporting and analysis service to visualize and further process your data.


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We construct and design unique customer personas by analyzing different kinds of datasets or by exploring latent characteristics of your customers. Personas are constructed by asking your customers about their preferences, motivations, use cases and needs, or by analyzing their online behavior. These two approaches can also be combined to further understand how your customers’ behaviors correlate with their values, attitudes and personality traits.

Kinrate personas can be utilized in the development of services and social networks, as well as in promoting the customer experience. They are tools for better understanding of your customer types and how to reach them effectively. Personas can also be applied as tools and methods for designing new services and products for specific target groups. Utilizing the Kinrate Persona approach not only gives insight to your own clientele, but also the opportunity to help your audience find their own kind of counterparts, which enhances retention on your platform, and brings your UX to the next level.

Customer personas can be combined with personalized recommendations produced by our machine-learning based recommendation engine. The engine is a hybrid model that combines both a collaborative and a content-based approach and it is suitable for a wide range of recommendation needs, ranging from products to experiences. We have also developed an intelligent search engine that finds similar results based on preferences or content elements.

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Our in-house expertise in game user experience, player markets, and player motivations has enabled us to specialize in developing custom-made tools and approaches for the needs of game industry operators. We have validated several psychometric measures in high-level research journals, and adapted these models for generating research-based player persona segmentation for game companies. These segmentation provide actionable insights for making data-based strategic decisions including information on how to reach your customer, who your customer really is, what game features they find attractive and why, and what kind of trends in gaming you should take into account in your game development and marketing strategies.

An example of this field of our services is our similar games search engine that provides customized game recommendations for player audiences. The engine can be implemented to existing game marketplaces or other services for enhancing game user engagement, customer insight, and sales.

We have combined our player and game data with our extensive player market research data. This makes it possible to predict the game motivations, purchase reasons, aesthetic preferences of the game, genre preferences, etc. of our identified core players’ customers. Our game database consists currently of some 100,000 entries and it includes rich metadata that also covers player traits and motivation. The database contains representative samples of players from the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, Korea, China, Denmark and Finland, among others.

Our data allows for a customized competitive analysis report to help you communicate to investors, e.g., why they should consider funding the game. It will also help you design a marketing strategy to reach your core customer.

With our ever-expanding database of games and players, we can also provide information on how players’ gaming preferences change over time. This will help you make data-driven decisions about which games should be developed and released.

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Dr Aki Koponen
Co-Founder, CEO

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Dr Jukka Vahlo
Co-Founder, CSO

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Dr Meri-Tuulia Kaarakainen
Co-Owner, CTO


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